The Anatomy of an Effective Backlink

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A backlink is a common tool used in JV marketing, which allows you to link your website with another to boost your Internet traffic. There are a number of benefits to backlinks, but the advantages are directly impacted by just how effective your backlink use becomes.

This article will provide the basics of backlinks to help you use this tool in your JV marketing strategy as successfully as possible.

Benefits of Backlinks

There are many good reasons to use effective backlink strategies in your JV marketing approach, including:

  • Building traffic to your website
  • Improving your search engine ranking
  • Improving your standing on PageRank
  • Establishing yourself as an “expert” in your industry
  • The risk and cost of backlinking is minimal, especially in JV partnerships

There is no doubt that backlinks are an inexpensive, effective way to bring more traffic to your website. However, the amount of the benefit you enjoy from your backlinks will be directly affected by your ability to use them wisely. We have a few tips for you to consider when posting backlinks on your JV partners’ websites.


It’s all about the relationship in backlinking, and the closer you and your JV partner are related, the more value you will get from your backlink. Choose a JV partner that is in a very similar industry, but not so similar that you are competing for customers. For example, a wedding planner might backlink to websites of florists or bakers, or a mechanic might backlink to car dealerships or auto supply shops.


Backlinks are noticed more when there is content to peruse. This is why posting articles to article directories is such an effective way to use the backlinking tool. However, you can also use this concept with JV marketing by providing content along with a link to your website on other business sites.

For example, the wedding planner might write a post about coordinating the wedding flowers for the service and reception at the florist’s blog, along with a backlink to her own business.

Quality, not Quantity

Certainly, quantity is important when it comes to backlinks, but quality is even more likely to get noticed. Posts and articles used to backlink to your website should be well-written and interesting. They should also contain good keywords that make them easy to find on the search engines. The better your content, the more people will take time to read it and maybe click on your website at the end.


Commenting on other blogs is an excellent way to increase your backlink power, especially if you are working with your JV partner to this purpose. However, the best traffic is received when you are listed as one of the top commentators on a particular blog. You can enjoy increased traffic, as well as better rankings in this top spot.

The biggest advantage to incorporating backlinks into your JV partnerships is that you can enjoy the benefits of backlinking without paying for any of the links you get directly. Instead, you and your JV partners agree to provide backlinks for one another through your company websites, blogs and social networking websites. When the cost of backlinking is minimal to no cost, all the profits you receive through increased traffic and customers is icing on the cake.

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