The Joint Venture

The Joint Venture

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Historical/suspense novel set in 1980, during Italy’s anni di piombo (‘bullet years’), when the country was beset by terrorism. A young executive of huge conglomerate Alfindustria is gunned down by assassins. Dario Alfieri, its chairman, is worried that the killing might be connected to his company’s joint venture with an American firm. He calls in life-long friend and consigliere David Della Croce to investigate; they had faced death together as Alpini officers on the Russian Front in WW2. David and his son Mark, attorneys in Boston, soon find themselves in a deadly struggle against an unknown enemy with an unknown agenda, doing battle with a hired killer, the KGB and a band of fanatical terrorists. Their search for answers takes the reader on a whirlwind chase through northern Italy, Rome, Boston, and a small town in rural Illinois. The closer they get to answers, the more danger they face.

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5 Stars A real page-turner.
If you enjoy Ken Follett’s character development and location descriptions and Tom Clancy’s precision, you’ll love Visconti’s style. He blends the present day with a historical foundation and you’ll enjoy every word. Trust me!

5 Stars A highly recommended read from first page to last
The Joint Venture by Gilbert D. Visconti is the author’s debut novel international intrigue. Italy struggles with international terrorism, and a pair of Boston attorneys become drawn into a deadly web of ruthless figures and desperate killers. A terrible puzzle must be solved, and quickly, before time runs out for the population at large in this exciting and action-packed read. The Joint Venture is an attention engaging and highly recommended read from first page to last, as well as documenting Gilbert Visconti as a writer of considerable literary skill and a master storyteller.

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