Tips for Maintaining Focus on Your JV

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Your joint venture may be an exciting and profitable time in your business career.  However, a JV can take a great of time away from your own business and other commitments. Every day, you may find that your “to-do” lists get larger and larger and your available time becomes less and less. How do you focus on the important things and get things done more efficiently?

Improving efficiency requires that you learn discipline and focus. Worries about the economy, business concerns, family issues, and other distractions can take our focus and shatter it in dozens of different directions. But are you stuck in a hopeless routine and have no hope of getting on track? Not at all!

To help with your focus, you need to take control of your time and control the environment in which you perform your tasks. Here are some important steps:

  • Be Patient – First of all, you cannot expect to be superhuman. You have limitations and you need to accept that. And you cannot expect to see absolute improvement right away. Work your new focus routine step by step and be patient with the results you get.
  • Set Expectations Knowing that you have limitations, you need to be able to set realistic expectations. Again, don’t expect to have superhero abilities and be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and be faster than a speeding bullet. Set a goal each day for what you can realistically expect to achieve with the right attitude and focus. You will probably find that your abilities and efficiency improve over time, and you can adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Find Routine – A big part of focus and efficiency is setting a routine. You can be more productive when you focus on a few things, or even one thing, at a time.  Instead of answering the phone each time it rings, set a routine to check messages and return calls once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The same goes with another big time waster – email! You must learn to focus on emails only periodically. Become efficient at knowing when to delete an email, save it for later review, or respond right away. Your little routines throughout the day can add up to big improvements in focus and efficiency.
  • Control Your Mental and Physical Priorities – Within your daily routine; you also need to mark priorities that help you mentally and physically. That may mean stopping to eat meals at certain times, setting time for exercise, or even taking a short 15 minute break to simply read part of a novel. When your body functions at its peak, your focus improves dramatically.

Feeling like you are in over your head gives you unwanted stress and causes a breakdown in efficiency. Take a little time to get your mental and physical game in the starting block, and set your goals and routine so that you can enjoy the challenges and benefits of your JV.

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joint venture marketing

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