Twitter Updates for 2008-12-10

  • Ideas are common, they don’t create profits by themselves. Execute your plan today (don’t wait until it’s perfect) and modify from there. #
  • Starting a business? Focus. Spend 80% of your markeitng time finding your first sales strategy that will bring in your first few clients. #
  • @jenesysgroup Yes, leveraging your time through alliances is very smart. Unfortunately, 95% of business owners don’t do it. What do you do? in reply to jenesysgroup #
  • One service that updates all of your social networks. #
  • @HerMedia Nice survey! What have you found that most people are looking for in a VA? in reply to HerMedia #
  • Are there any limits that Twitter puts on the number of Following and Followers that you can add in a day, month or total account lifetime? #

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