Two Types of Affiliate Marketers and Why You Need Them Both as Marketing Partners

If you are thinking about using an affiliate marketing program for your business, it might be wise to understand more about who the typical affiliate marketer is. Generally, affiliate marketers are entrepreneurial types who tend to take risks; they typically do not mind a trial and error method of succeeding in business. The early affiliate marketers were the first to take advantage of new trends and wanted to try to leverage new technologies on their behalf. You might think of affiliate marketers as the pioneers of Internet word-of-mouth marketing.

The growing popularity of Affiliate Marketing

However, affiliate marketing has become more mainstream as people continue to search for supplemental income and “work from home” options. The popularity of blogs, personal websites, and online communities such as MySpace and Face Book continue to make affiliate marketing a potential opportunity for the average person to create passive income. Because technology is so readily available, it seems that affiliate marketing really has two main types of affiliates:

  • The Casual Affiliate: This is an affiliate who is passionate about a product, service, or cause and will seek out companies who have a similar outlook. Many bloggers become affiliates by default, using affiliate programs like Google’s AdWords. Many of them feel that if they are going to take the time to blog, it might be nice to get something in return. This type of person is not attempting to make a full time income from affiliate marketing.
  • The “Super” Affiliate: These are the people who generate $10,000 or more in commission per month. They are also people who have experimented with various forms of marketing. Much of their promotion of a product or service is via Internet marketing, but super affiliate marketers may also incorporate traditional forms of advertising as well. For instance, an affiliate marketer may have a website or a blog, but he may also send postcards or letters to his database on occasion.

Motivating Affiliate Marketing campaigns

The power of the affiliate marketer lies in his willingness to be paid for actual revenue generated for whatever company he happens to be promoting. Many new affiliate marketers adopt a sweat equity attitude, hoping to build a revenue source online that will ultimately work while the affiliate sleeps. It is a new way to do business and create income, and the early adopters are showing that it can be done. A new business model is emerging as the result of affiliate marketing, and any business owner would be wise to take note.

Overall, affiliate marketers see themselves as a strategic link between a company or product and the people that company hopes to reach. Most affiliates are resourceful and innovative. They often become students of Internet marketing by default, but as their commission checks grow, they find new ways to promote more products and services. There are even affiliate networks available for those new to the industry. When supplied with ample incentive, affiliate marketers can become one of your most cost-effective assets.

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