16 Time Tested Life Lessons From Bob Parsons

I’m here in Washington, DC at Yanik Silver’s Underground 5 conference where Bob Parsons, the CEO and founder of GoDaddy, gave the keynote speech.

Bob is a lively character, full of life, experiences, and street smart wisdom!

At the end of his speech, he gave his 16 time tested, battle ready tips for increasing your personal and business experiences.

1.    Get out of your comfort zone.
2.    Never give up.
3.    When you’re ready to quit, you’re the closest you’ve ever been to succeeding.
4.    Accept the worse thing that can happen. If you can deal with that, do what your contemplating doing.
5.    Focus on what your want, not what you don’t want.
6.    Take things a day at a time.
7.    Always be moving forward. Small daily progress leads to large successes in the future.
8.    Be quick to decide.
9.    Measure everything significant. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.
10.    Anything that’s not managed will ultimately fail.
11.    Watch your competitors, what watch yourself closer.
12.    Never let anyone push you around.
13.    Never expect life to be fair.
14.    Solve your own problems.
15.    Don’t take yourself to seriously.
16.    Always find a reason to smile.

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