250 million in 11 months using integration marketing

joint venture marketing

What I’m about to share with you could seriously change your financial future in a positive way…

Wait let me rephrase that.

What I’m about to share with you, directly led to over $250 million in sales for one of my clients in less than 11 months.

Okay, I don’t expect you to believe me, and I know that’s a bold statement so let me give you little background.

I’ll also fill you in on my latest marketing project (these are the same tactics that I used in creating the $250 million in sales for my client) that I’m working on with Mark Joyner, the legendary marketer and business building expert.

I’ll keep this short as possible while explaining this very powerful, “integrated” way of marketing yourself, your idea or your existing product or service.

As you know, I specialize in doing joint venture deals. I connect supply and demand chains, create new relationships, products and services and ethically use underutilized assets of other people, companies, networks, etc as distribution channels to create, automated profit centers.

I know that’s a mouth full, and it may sound confusing, but stick with me.

A little background first…

You see, leveraging existing relationships and trust of other people can literally cut years off of the time that it would take you to create these relationships and trust networks by yourself.  It’s one of the primary tactics that top level marketers and  entrepreneurs, from one-man startups to international corporations have used to launch and expand their businesses for the last 200 years.

If you can tap into these types of existing relationships (and I’ll show you how),  the time it will take you to start earning more money from your business (or start a new one) will be reduced by weeks, months and years. This is a proven fact that I personally witnessed week in and week out since I (unknowingly) started doing joint ventures back in 1989 at the will age of 19.

You’ve been on my list, RSS feed or read by regular blog posts, so you know that I try to push out high-quality, joint venture based information on a regular basis to give you proven ideas, tips, tactics and strategies that I’ve personally used to create millions of dollars for my clients over the years. Hopefully, I’ve earned your respect and most of all your trust in directing you towards being more profitable in your business using joint venture marketing techniques.

Okay, so maybe you know this already. You know about the power of leveraging other people’s underutilized assets. You’ve heard how joint ventures can quickly turn into profits. But, I’m willing to bet that you have not successfully executed a joint venture relationship as of yet.

Let’s take this one step deeper. There is a subcategory to doing joint ventures that allowed me to “integrate” my clients services directly into the existing sales process of another company for no upfront, out-of-pocket costs and with very little risk. In fact, the entire process was set up with a phone call and one face-to-face meeting.

So let me help you take the next step and introduce you to the specific way of setting up profitable joint venture deals through a process called “integration marketing”. In short, integration marketing literally allows you to integrate or insert your existing product or service into the existing sales process of a related product or service.

Integration marketing techniques have been used by some of the world’s most famous companies including Microsoft, McDonald’s, HP and Wal-Mart,  but don’t let that intimidate you or send you down the ” this won’t work for me” highway. It works just as well for small start-ups and  entrepreneurs at home in their pajamas. The same tactics apply regardless of the size of your company. It works if you are one man or woman show or if you manage a complex international corporation with thousands of employees.

My latest project has connected me with the legendary marketer, Mark Joyner. Mark has written an entire book on the subject of integration marketing. He’s taken the concept and broken it down into bite sized, easy to understand concepts that make it easy to understand and apply these integration marketing tactics to your own business. He’s even come up with a method based on “predicted math” that you can use to ensure the highest probability of success when you apply these integration marketing methods.

My next post will give you specifics of how you can start increasing your profits  using these integration marketing techniques.

joint venture marketing

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