3 Advertising Design Fundamentals for Joint Venture Marketers

joint venture marketing

You might have thought that securing a JV partnership with a bigger, more established company was all you needed to effectively build your business. However, the partnership is just the beginning. Once you have a company (or two or three) to work with, you need to develop an advertising strategy that will attract all those new customers to your business. These design strategies will start you on an advertising campaign that is sure to build your business.

Use of Color

The colors you choose for your JV ad campaign will evoke moods and emotions that will either inspire customers or turn them off completely. Here are a few of the basic colors and the reactions they tend to evoke:

  • Red – Red is the color of passion, energy and power. This hue is a good choice to stimulate people to buy your product or service. Various shades of red can perform different functions, with lighter tints stimulating passion and darker hues evoking power and energy.
  • Yellow – Bright and sunny, yellow is a good choice for products that make us feel warm and fuzzy, such as children’s items or leisure accessories. Keep your shade bright and fresh, even if you lighten the tint a bit. Yellow that becomes dull symbolizes dirt and decay, which are not the feelings that will get people to tune into your business.
  • Blue – Blue is often a symbol of tranquility, but it can also stand for trust, reliability and wisdom. This is a good color if you want to build confidence in your company and the perfect choice for promoting cleanliness and precision.
  • Green – The color of nature, green is often used to advertise products that are safe or friendly to the environment. Stick with shades like olive green, which signifies peace, or aqua green, a color of emotional healing.

Logo Design

In addition to the color of your advertisement, it is helpful to create a JV logo that will help customers recognize your company and your JV partner. Your logo can be used on all your promotional material, becoming a sort of corporate branding that builds your name recognition among the general public. Make your logo unique, yet something that customers will easily associate with your business.

Consistent Graphics

The appeal of your advertising will be in how professional it is conveyed. You can do much to kick your ads up a notch by proofing them for consistent fonts and colors. The theme of your ad should also be unified into a single purpose, whether it is to inform your customers about your product, create a need for the item, or sell your goods by evoking a certain mood.

The right advertising will make those JV efforts cash in big time, so don’t rush the process. Choose ads with the color, logo and graphics that exude professionalism and confidence in your business. You might be surprised at how many customers notice you because of your JV marketing but take the time to look further because of the quality of your advertising.

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joint venture marketing

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