5 Ways You Know it’s Time for a Joint Venture

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A joint venture can be a good choice for a company just starting out in the industry or one that is well established and wants to expand its base. While joint ventures can be appropriate at nearly any time during the life of a company, it can be challenging to know precisely when it is the right time to launch a partnership of your own.

We have five ways to know the time is ripe for a joint venture.

Your Business is Just Starting

New businesses can face many hurdles when first starting out, and a partnership with a larger, more established business can be the extra bit of help you need. Finding a mentor in a JV partner can help you learn the ropes of your industry much more quickly and build a customer base much more efficiently. The right joint venture partner can help you jump start your business better than the most efficient marketing campaign.

You Need to Build Consumer Confidence

One of the biggest challenges online businesses face today is the ability to build consumer confidence through a simple website on the Internet. The most efficient way to build consumer confidence online is through the endorsement and partnership of a business that has already established a name for itself. If consumer confidence is one of the primary features your company is lacking, a joint venture might be just the ticket.

You Need Additional Capital

Business expansion and growth is directly affected by how much capital you have to invest in the changes. If your cash flow is tight, but you feel it is a good time to expand, a joint venture could help.

In addition to producing additional revenue, a joint venture can offer additional resources like marketing opportunities, customer lists and business endorsements. These factors can all help your company grow without the need for a lot of capital up front.

You’ve Hit a Roadblock in Your Marketing

Your marketing strategy used to produce stellar results, but now it just seems to fall flat. If you feel like your advertising campaign has hit a serious rut, a joint venture might be the kick start you need to get your marketing efforts moving forward again. Whether it is a new joint campaign or simply some new ideas from your partner, a fresh approach to marketing can be a great way to ramp up a stagnant business.

You Want to Expand Your Product Base

Even businesses that are doing remarkably well can get cold feet when it comes to introducing a new product line. The client list of your joint venture can be the perfect opportunity to test out a new product without too much risk to your company. In fact, a new product can be the perfect way to attract a prospective joint venture partner to your team.

There are many times in the life of a business where a joint venture can prove beneficial. If you find your company facing any of the potential challenges above, now might be the perfect time to delve into the profitable world of joint venture partnerships.

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joint venture marketing

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  1. Did anyone hear about the new joint venture between Groupon and Livenation? Pretty cool for concert goers out there.nnhttp://onpointbizbuzz.com/742/groupon-and-live-nation-announce-new-ticketing-deals-marketplacennIf I go by the what is says in this article, I’d guess they did it to raise consumer confidence and probably for additional capital… seems like Live Nation’s ticket sales were suffering.nWe’ll see if this helps.

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