6 Referral Marketing Software Options

Many business owners in this day and age rely on software to manage and organize their businesses. Some of these referral marketing software tools are for smaller, newly found businesses, while others are geared to run and scale along with your businesses growth.

Great Referral Marketing Software

1. North Light’s software suite offers unprecedented flexibility, current cutting-edge technologies and creative user-friendly interfaces. Begun by a group who were committed to human services, the focus was and still is to offer the best in hands-on technical solutions. North Light’s software suite can be used as a web-based or Windows solution. It is highly customizable to your business and will give users the power to simplify and streamline their companies. Users will enjoy flexible search options, demographics filtering, customizable form fields, and call monitoring.

2. Amplifinity is an Advocate Management Platform, or AMP, that provides users with the tools to launch their own word-of-mouth referral marketing program. With Amplifinity users will be able to design, manage and deploy their own advocacy program that will help drive word-of-mouth referral to their products or services to increase loyalty, profitability and revenue. Amplifinity also supplies rich advocate profiles and social graphs to help show rankings, precise targeting, and segmentation.

3. Boulder Logic makes sales and marketing infinitely easier by building and managing customer service reference programs. Fortunately for those business owners who may not have all of the experience in the world with software programs, Boulder Logic has an incredibly easy-to-use, intelligence matching algorithm that will help you to locate the ideal customer reference. Boulder Logic makes recruiting customers on your own by making it easy for anyone to suggest potential candidates and then supplies the automated tools needed to collect that information and keep it up-to-date.

4. eWORDofMOUTH is an enterprise e-marketing and mobile solution that will help to grow traffic and sales for companies with multiple locations. One of the industry’s leading multi-channeled enterprise marketing systems, eWordofMouth offers customer databases, traffic and sales increase opportunities for brands. This referral marketing software helps a business by leveraging multiple engagement channels such as mobile, email, SMS and social media.

5. zferral software offers a great tool to those focused on custom affiliate and referral campaigns.  zferral allows a business owner to create incentives for their existing customers that are focused on helping to sell the products or services available. This program can help control overhead costs and only pays commissions. The affiliate user panels are fully customizable and easily branded by adding your businesses logos and colors.

6. Extole  offers referral marketing tools in the form of products that allow users to drive social advocacy with C2C marketing promotions and programs. Extole provides the platform for cultivating trusted referrals for your brand from a set of customer advocates. Offers can be amplified through options such as unique links, viral sharing and web page landing advertisements.

Regardless of your style of referral marketing or whether you prefer the gold of word-of mouth, even though that may require more effort and investment, or if you prefer the free social, but slower media options, these referral marketing software suites can go a long way in helping to organize and grow your business.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture and Referral Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture and Referral relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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3 Replies to “6 Referral Marketing Software Options”

  1. Just wanted to update everyone, I contacted Boulder Logic after reading this article because we are looking for a referral marketing software and they don’t actually provide referral marketing tools, it is more of a customer reference manage that allows for sales people to keep track of an contact past customers as a reference for new or potential customers to speak to about a product or service before they buy. 

  2. Just wanted to add that ReferralCandy provides a simple to use app that is affordably priced for small and medium enterprises. It’s email-based, easy to set up and value for money in driving new sales. (However, it’s not as customizable as some of the other apps.)

  3. I would like to add OSI Affiliate Software to your list. We help companies to setup and manage an affiliate / referral program. We are partnered with all the major shopping-carts including BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon Web Store, Paypal and more. Unlike our competitors we do not charge a fee for each transaction.

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