A Joint Venture That Helps the Economy

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With a slumping world economy and the American jobless rate a few points shy of 10%, most companies are forming strategies that will help them survive.

However, you may be surprised to know that new joint ventures are alive and kicking.  Companies that find the right niche and join forces can float to the top. That’s what Johnson Controls, Inc. and French battery manufacturer SAFT did. The two companies are leaders in the hybrid vehicle battery development and manufacturing. And with an eye not on the state of the economy but on a greener planet and new technology to boost the development of hybrid vehicles, they joined forces to become a leader in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). Their new joint venture company was named Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions, LLC.

Case Study: Joint Ventures Flourish in Any Economy

Both companies are leaders in the technological development of HEV batteries, such as the Lithium-Ion and the Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries. Through the joint venture, the companies will combine teams and locations in America and Europe to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing sites. The JV will also combine sales and marketing forces to reach a global HEV demand.

Already the JV has made headway in creating new jobs and manufacturing facilities in hard-hit Detroit areas. The American automobile industry has been hit hard, but Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions has announced that it will take over an unused 115,000 square foot plant near Holland, Michigan. The plant will undergo a retrofit for the manufacture of Lithium-Ion cells and plans to produce 15 million Lithium cells annually by 2012. The plant will create much-needed jobs in the depressed area. About 500 workers will find employment thanks to the work of the JV.

The community is excited about the announcement and is encouraged that other green-based alternative companies will follow the Johnson Controls and Saft lead to make the west Michigan a center for cutting-edge green technology.

Looking Past Today to See a Profitable Tomorrow

It is common for small and large businesses to keep a mindset of staying the course through a murky economic climate. However, it is also evident that business leaders can find ways to see through the murk and form joint venture that will thrive even in poor economic times. It is these leaders who will be the ones that grab the collars of other business survivors and become the trailblazers toward a once-again thriving economy.

Will your business be one of the trailblazers? Take a look at the products and services your business offers and the thriving technologies today. Can your business join forces with another to offer new Green products? Will you find a potential JV partner who can help develop Web 2.0 software products? Who can boost your ability to develop data protection?

If you look carefully, you’ll find the niches that need filling, even in troubled financial times. Get hold of another trailblazer and formulate a JV that will lead your business technologies ahead of the pack.

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joint venture marketing

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