5 Key Elements of a Joint Venture Vision

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What is your joint venture vision? Do you have one? Or are you just on a coasting pattern that brings some profits but nothing to brag about? If you want your JV to be a big success and experience the full profit potential that JVs can offer, you need a clear and excellent vision.

A JV vision is not just a blueprint. Though you need a roadmap detailing the route to your goal, a vision entails much more. Here are the 5 main key elements of a great JV vision:

1. Goals

Of course, your vision needs a destination. What is the outcome of your JV? Do you want to see profit? Bigger market bases? Expansion? Your JV vision needs to have a clearly defined goal or goals that you are trying to achieve.

Sit down with your JV partner and list the goals that you want to achieve together. You may come up with more than one, and you may have too many that need to be carved down to a few achievable goals. However, knowing where your destination is will help you to form your strategy.

2. Strategy

Using the roadmap metaphor, your strategy is the route you will take to reach your destination. Is there a straight line to your goal? Or will you need to take a few side roads in order to achieve your main goal? Your strategy will consist of smaller, step-by-step goals that will ultimately lead to the top.

3. Inspiration

Who wants to take an uninspired journey? The vision journey should be inspiring to you, your JV partner, and all employees and business partners you need along the way.  Inspiration is important as part of your vision in order to make the journey to the goal worthwhile. That may mean inspiring others to endure hardships, as well as the joys along the way.

4. Leadership

Your JV vision needs leadership to keep the metaphorical car moving along the road.  Sometimes it may require tough-love leadership to keep the momentum needed to reach your goals. Your leadership role means you need to work in harmony with your JV partner, as well as your own team. A leader needs to be respected by his peers and employees. But be sure you respect them in return, and they will follow you along your vision.

5. Enthusiasm

Lastly, enthusiasm is important for your JV vision. Through the hardships and trials, it is the enthusiastic leader who will keep a JV partner or employees motivated. Enthusiasm means looking past the negative and seeing the positive of every situation. That’s not an easy task. If you will to achieve your JV vision, it will be done only through an enthusiastic effort on all parts.

Your JV vision may be long, medium, or short-term. You may have more than one vision at a time. But if you plan on making your JV a success, keep a vision on the horizon at all times so you know what you and your JV partner are working for.

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