Perfectionists vs. “Good Enough” Partners for Your JV

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Most people are “good enough” types of workers. They know what a job entails and how to get the desired results, but nothing else is needed. A job is done when it’s “good enough” and will suffice for the purpose. Though you may not think it, these are the type of people who get things done and are good for progressive business processes like those found in joint ventures.

Perfectionists, on the other hand, may determine that a job is never done – not until it is perfect. They will spend hours, days, and even months trying to perfect a business process, product, or service and still determine that it is incomplete. Perfectionists are important in business because they can see the fine details and flaws that others may not notice. But is a perfectionist the perfect type of JV partner?

Combining a Joint Venture with a Perfectionist

A perfectionist personality who owns and runs a small business may find that they really need to loosen their standards and look ahead at progress. A JV can be good for this type of personality with the right partner – one who can help guide the perfectionist toward a goal and see the benefits waiting at the end of the rainbow. Remember, it’s not necessarily the destination that is important, but the journey to get there that counts.

How can perfectionists be more productive in a JV situation? Though perfectionists may have a hard time giving up their quality standards, it may be just the thing to get them to more profits and a thriving business.  Here’s what they can do:

Toss the Fear of Mistakes

One of the worst perfectionist attitudes is the fear of making a mistake. They believe it must be done right the first time. However, this attitude can lead to stagnation. It is important to make mistakes and learn from them. NASA didn’t go straight to the Moon. They developed their technologies little by little, learning from their mistakes in order to get the right method and strategy for getting a man on the Moon.

Accept Change

Many perfectionists are resistant to change. The method that has always worked in the past is the one to follow. However, “the way we’ve always done it” has to progress through change. For hundreds of years, accountants kept the books by handwritten ledgers. Computers have changed all that just in the last 25 years. Though it was difficult to let go of the “hardcopy” ledgers, computer accounting is the norm now with safety standards and procedures that avoid loss of data.

Learn to Let Go

Perfectionists have a hard time letting go. A project is never complete. The result is “imperfect” in their mind. However, progress and success must come even with a little imperfection. It is important that a perfectionist learn to move forward in order to make a business or JV strategy work. And sometimes that means letting go of the “perfect” image in order to make something “good enough” for the overall purpose of business success.

Perfectionists can be good for producing the best quality products and services. However, a JV with a perfectionist as a partner will need to learn a little give and take in order to meet the goals of the venture.

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