Business Leaders Discover A New Way to Make Money For Their Investors; Now They Need to Learn How to Write a Book Fast

 Memo from the Executive Suite

In hard times like these, true entrepreneurs are finding new ways to make more money is often the highest reward experience for experienced business leader.

What are the options? Well, it is no surprise that the absolute top way that is encountered for the business leader improve the bottom line is to write a book and make it a bestseller.

Congratulations, you’ve decided to write a book…that’s great! Being a bestselling author can gain you credentials and help your business attract ever increasing numbers of clients And if those are your only goals, then the sooner you begin writing a book, the better.

However, if you are just focusing on having a book fast, you might miss one of the best reasons for having a book…and that is to make money. 

The quick and easy way to attract more recognition and clients is “slowing down and taking the time to create a bestselling business around your book”, says book business expert DrProactive Randy Gilbert.

DrProactive says you will end up with a more money, a better book, and a passive income far in excessive of what you would have otherwise made with just a book.

It can make you a bestselling author, and a millionaire at the same time, which is why DrProactive named “bestselling business”. Getting busy and starting to write a book that has a business created as an integral part of it, is super important.

You can use the procedure below to create an information business centered on your book.

Use the 80-20 rule as a habit and work on the most important thing everyday. One hour a day would be wonderful but even 30 minutes would be great. Even on your busiest days, try to do at least 10 minutes at some point. Just take action. Don’t worry about getting things perfect. Write a first draft, find an editor or revise it yourself.

Rearrange your priorities and start writing your book today by creating a bestselling business. In 90 to 180 days, you will have the first draft of a great if you follow these steps, and you’ll have enough books pre-sold to make be a bestseller as soon as it’s published, as well as passive income to help put your business in the black. 

ACTION POINT: If you want to learn how to write and publish a good book that produces revenue and becomes a bestseller, then you must follow the secret recipe that others use to achieve that goal. Choose to use the Key Factors outlined above and keep your eye on the ball, and you’ll knock it out of the park

There is no time like the present. Get started right now with building a bestselling business around your book. You’ll get a bestselling book and a million dollar business the quick and easy way.

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