Small business ERP – how it works

ERP for small business

Small business ERP can help you run a better business

Every hour in your Company, you and your team are busy managing different activities like serving prospects and customers, following up leads, handling the sales paperwork, booking time to projects and tracking stock. Every activity in your business has some financial impact so you’ve got to keep your accounts up to date, keep a close eye on what money is being generated and used….and predict your sales and cash flow. Every customer purchase, every expenditure you make and every job or project you work on creates a trail of paperwork.

And from the moment you follow up an enquiry to the minute your business receives the cash, you have to be able to record and view detailed information about every action in these processes. You and your team need real time views of this data from wherever they work. And you, your managers and team leaders have to have an accurate and complete view of every key task and the ability to quickly drill down on any number or task to view, understand and follow what is happening where, when and why it’s happening and if these activities are being managed smoothly.

Small business ERP benefits

What gets measured gets improved so it’s essential the activities in every critical process in your organisation can be tracked and measured as they occur so you and your employees can take advantage of opportunities, spot and get to grips with problems before they become disasters and manage your company’s processes effectively.

To get all this right and continually have a concise picture you don’t need an accounting system, you don’t need a CRM system, you don’t need a time sheet and tracking system, an expense claim tracking system or an inventory management system. You need a unified system that has all of this in a single environment and lets you connect everyone in your business where ever they they want to work. A single system  that gives a complete picture of your business, so you consistently know what’s happening and lets you manage your business in the way that works best for you and your managers.

You need small business ERP

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