How to write a unique 519 word article in less than 16 minutes at the speed of sound

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If you need to write your own content, to update your blog on a regular basis, you might want to consider investing in a speech recognition software package. Two of the most popular ones are MacSpeech Dictate, for the Mac platform and Naturally Speaking Dragon for the PC platform.

Face it, writing good, unique, quality content takes time. If you want to optimize your site’s SEO and indexability, it’s vital that you have unique content. Using private label resell content may get you some ideas, but you still need to reword your article by at least 30% so the search engines will consider a unique.
If you’ve never used speech recognition software before, I think you’re going to be amazed by how much time you can save by talking your concepts, ideas, and thoughts into your favorite word processing program and having your ideas come to life at the speed of sound.

It’s human nature to think and speak. Thinking and writing can be a more complicated process. Once you have an idea or concept in your head is simply a matter of putting on your headphones and speaking in your natural voice as you watch the words that you’re speaking as almost magically appear on your page.
Personally, I’m a Mac guy. While I run virtual machines on my Mac to run programs that will only run on a PC, 95% of the work that I do is all based on the Mac, so I’m actually writing this article with a program called MacSpeech Dictate. Not only can you speak words that are transcribed, but you can also control 80-90% of the commands that you usually use a keyboard and mouse for, with your voice.

For example, I can create new documents by saying, “create new document” or I can save my document by saying “save this document”.  It’s that easy! Once you work with the software for about an hour, you start to get comfortable with how to speak, what the basic commands are, and most importantly, the tremendous momentum that you’ll gain by speaking your thoughts directly onto your page instead of the more tedious process of thinking, typing, editing. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to make edits as the recognition software isn’t perfect, but the time you’ll save in typing and editing alone is worth the price of the software tenfold.

There is one more benefit of using speech recognition software besides the obvious time saving results you’ll get. If you’ve been typing more than a few hours a day for several years, you may experience some type of pain in your wrists, hands, or fingers. You may even be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If this is the case, by using speech recognition software, the time your fingers are actually on the keyboard and the mouse can be reduced by as much as 80%!

Regardless if you’re an author, writer or blogger, I’d highly recommend investing in some type of speech recognition software to optimize your time and effectiveness whenever you need to create unique, written content.

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joint venture marketing

3 Replies to “How to write a unique 519 word article in less than 16 minutes at the speed of sound”

  1. Brilliant advice! And thank you for giving the PC option.
    I’ll be checking into this ASAP.

    Side note: Is it just coincidence that your comment section says “speak” your mind?

  2. I will be able to speak my mind – as soon as dragon and I agree on my accent. ;))

    I’d love to use it for my english articles but sadly it does not like my accent because it does not fall into one of the usual settings they have. Especially for longer text though it works quite well.

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