Joint Venture Fast Track to Wealth Teleseminar Series starting in the first week of March 2009

Attracting new clients in a recession by using partnering and Joint Venture strategies

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If you’re a current business owner or you’re looking to start a new business, you must remap and adopt new marketing strategies in 2009 to stay profitable and in some cases to stay in business. Using low cost, low risk marketing tactics through partnership and Joint Venture deals is a way to increase your profits without increasing your advertising and marketing budgets.

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By attending The JV Fast Track Teleseminar Series you’ll discover my top 11 JV and partnership systems to:

1. Harnessing Collaborative Intention

Thinking in alliances to create products and services based on existing assets and thinking in one-to-many relationships instead of one-to-one.

2. Collaborative Objectives

What specific business problem, challenge or concern are you trying to solve with your product or service?

3. Relationship Cultivation

Seek out and create mutual, financially beneficial relationships with other Collaboration Actors (other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners).

4. Asset Pools

Tapping into underutilized existing assets instead of building or buying your own. Your positive and influential relationships with other Collaboration Actors will allow you to harness their existing assets pools.

5. Collaborative Context Strategy

Your Collaboration Marketing Strategy. Mapping out exactly how the process will work.

6. Execution

Set your Collaborative Context Strategy in motion. Who is doing what and at what point in time should your process points start and end? Common road blocks you WILL encounter and how to handle them with ease.

7. Pilot and Production Analysis

Working the numbers. Determine the positive and negative effects of your results.

8. Systematization & Scaling

Turn the entire process into a duplicatable system that you or your staff members can reproduce with other relationships and asset pools.

9. Operational Integration Pipelines

Integrate your new Collaboration Marketing System into your daily, working day.

10. Personal Networking Forum

Members only JV and alliance forum for members of the Teleseminar series.

11. Additional advanced tactics

Such as JV Layering, Multi Channel JV’s, Leveraging Affinity Groups and Social Networks, etc.

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