Joint Venture Teleseminar Coaching Program Launched By Successful Long Beach Entrepreneur

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Joint Venture Teleseminar Coaching Program Launched By Successful Long Beach Entrepreneur By Christian Fea

Dated: Dec 15, 2008

christian fea, CEO of Synertegic, Inc., announces the launch of his Fast Track Teleseminar coaching series on joint venture dealmaking and partnering strategies.

LONG BEACH, Ca 12/12/2008 – With the country officially entering a recession and thousands of businesses teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, many small businesses are finding that they don’t have the resources they need to expand or even to survive.

That’s the perception, anyway.

Which is why christian fea, CEO of Synertegic, Inc., is launching a new teleseminar coaching series on joint ventures, to show businesses how to profit from joint venture relationships and grow their businesses through strategic partnerships. The series will cover both online and offline based alliance strategies.

Fea launched the series after numerous consulting clients of his asked him for help and advice in how to find and structure joint venture partnerships.

“Eighty percent of corporate America has been engaging in joint venture deals for many decades, yet more than 90% of entrepreneurs and small business owners that I have interviewed and consulted with don’t engage in the power of Joint Venture deals, asset leverage, and partnering techniques,” according to christian fea. “A large part of that is due to the lack of education and confusion of what Joint Venture deals actually are on the part of the small business owner.”

Through the weekly teleconference coaching, Fea will not only show small business owners how to share resources with other businesses, he will give them the opportunity to meet other business owners in the program so that they can form strategic alliances.

Fea says, “One of the first things I do when working with a new client is to have them provide me with an asset inventory. By taking an internal asset inventory of their contacts, experience, relationships and existing influence, we can quickly define what underutilized assets the business owner is sitting on, and turn them into possible profit centers. This can be done with very little upfront time and money.”

The theory of joint venture marketing is very straightforward, according to Fea. It involves combining underutilized assets from one or more companies and providing those assets to another company, so they can form a business partnership which is beneficial to both parties.

Through Fea’s hands on coaching, business owners will learn step by step how to create profitable relationship for Joint Venture and partnership project deals. Other key areas of discussion will focus on Fea’s proprietary learning models to assist business owners by harnessing collaborative intention, defining Collaborative objectives, cultivating existing and new relationships, tapping into asset pools, defining a
context strategy, using social networks and plan execution suggestions.

Fea’s Fast Track to Joint Venture Wealth coaching program will start in mid-January 2009, focusing on topics like finding trustworthy and reputable business partners, developing asset pools, and structuring a profitable deal that benefits all partners.

To find out more about Fea’s program, visit

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