Managing International Business in China

Managing International Business in China

With the rise of China in the world economy, investors from all over the world are moving to explore business opportunities in this market. Managing international business in a transition economy like China is a daunting challenge. Tian presents a practical guide to major managerial issues faced by foreign investors in the China market including strategic management of Guanxi, entry mode selection, alliance management, negotiation with Chinese partners, human resource management, marketing management, protection of intellectual property rights, and corporate financial management. These issues are analyzed in the light of relevant theoretical models of international business, with reference to current management practices of transnational corporations operating in China. With up-to-date case studies, questions for discussion and recommended readings at the end of each chapter, this book can be used as a textbook for postgraduate programmes in international business or other management disciplines, and as a textbook for executive training programmes.

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I’m going to level with everyone and say what should be said even though saying what people are not saying is said to be too dark and off-limits for anyone wanting to say something like that to say. The name of the author in its true mandarin (putonghua) form is tian xiao wen, not its reverse. This is a conspiracy against language itself. Without language there can be no communication. Without communication there is war. War mean nuclear war these days, what with Iran and all, this conspiracy against the author affects us all and threatens us with global nuclear genocide.

But I reccomend this book highly.

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