Restoring Prosperity How Workers and Managers Are Forging a New Culture of Cooperation

Restoring Prosperity How Workers and Managers Are Forging a New Culture of Cooperation

A vivid and revealing portrait of companies, unions, and individuals fighting to change and survive, Restoring Prosperity offers a road map which will lead workers and management to a better future. Wilms and his team were granted complete access to all employees at four major companies which were struggling, to get a first-hand view of how management reforms really filter down to the shop floor.

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4 Stars Still well worth the read
I read “Restoring Prosperity” when it was just coming out. Eleven years layer, I am still recommending this book to people.

As this world we share changes, we must also change. We must learn from the past, and try not to repeat the mistakes of others. When it comes to industry, this book is one of the guideposts that can help you examine your own business, and see if you are falling into the traps that lead many to the unemployment line.

The book is well laid out, and easy to read. Between the story aspects with first person accounts, hard numbers to back things up, and explanatory notes, you get a complete picture of the problems that were faced, solutions that were applied, and results.

Not all the results were good. They do not cover up the bad. And in the good results, side effects of many sorts were exposed.

No matter what your industry is, this book should be owned by the company, and passed around between all the managers, foremen, office personnel and other workers. That is because it has important information for everyone about how and why a company needs to work together, what compromises work, and what ones don’t.

It also exposes key elements in globalization, and how working with foreign corporations adds new challenges, and new results.

This is not a silver bullet book, or cure all for a company’s woes. But it is good information, in a good format, that deserves inclusion in your company’s brain trust.

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  1. this is good to know. what with the economic crisis giving everyone stress, the last thing people have to go through is having more problems at work on top of that

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