Strategic Partnerships An Entrepreneurs Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances

successful joint venture

Strategic Partnerships An Entrepreneurs Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances

An estimated 20,000 corporate alliances have been formed worldwide over the past two years. Such strategic alliances can provide business owners with long-term security, new revenue channels, and, often, the anchor needed to maintain stability in otherwise turbulent waters.

A successful joint venture can open the door to a world of future partnership opportunities, says renowned entrepreneur Robert Wallace. In Strategic Partnerships: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances, he outlines a framework business owners can use to conceive, develop, and execute such relationships between themselves and larger organizations. Based on the author’s 20 years of field research, readers will learn how to:

• Evaluate the suitability of a potential joint venture partner.
• Establish relationship boundaries to define how partnering companies can work together through processes and complications.
• Keep relationships fun, exciting, and profitable.
• Properly and legally bring joint venture arrangements to a close.

Most chapters conclude with a case study of a business illustrating the chapter topic, along with an interview with an executive from a major corporation. The stories and interviews give readers real-life takeaways that they can relate and apply to their own situations, providing them with a specific tool to move forward in their development.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Very good book clear and well reasoned.
From the first I found the book to be filled with good information. Most business books put me to sleep, but this one kept me turning pages, a nice change. Why the change? because it offered great insight and ideas that get my creative mind flowing and showed me what great ventures are easily with in my reach.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of host beneficiaries and joint venture deals in the past, but I have never thought them though as the author suggests and outlines. The anthers JV outline is really a great way to work your way though the process from deciding on a partner to the final ending of the deal. All in all a great resource.

My suggestion is that if you have been thinking about getting a few deals going but are waiting to learn more, then wait no more. This book will put you on a solid footing to really go for it. And if you have done deals in the past and are wondering how to get better at the art then again this book is a great resource even for those with some kills under their belt.

On a bottom line note, for me business book boils down to this: Did the book help me to make money? So far it has not but I have only had it a few days. But the points are so clear and understandable that I’m going to look up past Host Ben partners and JV partners just to see if we can get the ball rolling again but this time even better and with even more profit. So yes I can easily predict that this book will help me make more money and profit in my business.

With that stated this book is all in all one of the best real world business books I’ve read in a while. It is a business builder and asset.

One last comment. The book is written with minorities in mind. Don’t let that fool you even if you are Joe Average Every Man. The information will work for any business and any person.

5 Stars Excellent Book for Ambitious Entrepreneurs
This is the best, most relevant book on building strategic alliances for ambitious woman- and minority-owned entrepreneurial companies that I have seen. It is an outstanding resource, being both very specific and highly useful. I have a small, young woman-owned business. Using the books’ guidelines, I am currently in the process of developing a relationship with a very large national company and we are both excited about the opportunities to build success together.

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successful joint venture

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