Using eZine Advertising in Joint Ventures

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When you enter into a joint venture with another small business, you have a wealth of advertising options at your disposal. One of the most effective online advertising methods today is the eZine advertisement, which appears in an eZine publication that is sent out regularly to an audience that has opted into its mailing list.

The purpose of an eZine advertisement is to increase targeted traffic to your website, or in the case of a joint venture, to the websites of both JV partners.

We have the scoop on the different types of eZine advertisements available and how to use them to your fullest advantage in your joint venture.

Types of eZine Advertisements

When you are considering this type of advertisement to promote your joint venture, you must learn what your options are before choosing the ad that best fits your needs. eZine Advertisements fall into three specific categories:

  • Solo Ads: Usually the most expensive as well as the most effective, solo ads are emails that contain your offer alone. These ads are generally seen as being endorsed by the specific publication, offering immediate credibility to your business by the people who regularly read the publication. This is a good option for joint ventures because the cost can be split between partners to make it more affordable.
  • Classified Ads: This is the most basic type of eZine advertisement, providing a cheap option for reaching a targeted audience. The ads usually work best in larger publications because the percentage of responders is generally much lower on these types of advertisements. Classifieds are usually found at the bottom of a publication and tend to be the smallest of all the ad spaces.
  • Sponsor Ads: This type of advertisement offers the best value by providing the best exposure for the lowest price. Unlike basic classified ads, the sponsored advertisement is usually found in a more prominent location on the newsletter and offers additional space for your company information. These ads also tend to work well with joint ventures, where your top priority is to build a larger targeted market base.

Finding eZine Advertisement Opportunities

There are many online publications available, making it relatively simple to find one that caters to your targeted market base and offers advertising space at a price you like. Check eZine directories to find the best listings of publications currently available. Although some of the directories charge an annual subscription fee, they are usually well worth the money, due to the amount of information they provide. Select an online publication that corresponds with your targeted audience to ensure the right customers see your advertisement.

The eZine advertisement is an excellent tool to help make the most of your joint venture. Through effective marketing strategies like these, you and your JV partner can work together to produce high quality advertising directed at your target market. With a bit of skill, research and a little luck, you will find your customer lists growing at an exponential rate by using the best marketing strategies at your disposal.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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