Using Psychology to Stimulate Action in your Joint Venture Marketing Messages

joint venture marketing

Consumers love to spend money. They want to purchase goods and services. But how do you get them to purchase from you? A joint venture may be a good way to develop the right marketing message to consumers. Through your combined efforts, you can convince them that the products or services you sell will fulfill their needs.

Marketers have used consumer psychology for years to help sell their goods and services.  Studies of consumer patterns and behaviors have helped them formulate a message that creates the desire to purchase. Understanding a bit of the consumer decision making process can help you find the right JV partner with whom you can develop a product or service that consumers can’t resist.

The Stimulus

You need to get the attention of a consumer in order to eventually make a sale. That means working with your JV partner to create a “package deal” or new product that you feel consumer’s need, and getting the message to them through advertisements, word of mouth, etc. Your marketing message must arouse a consumer’s interest and motivate them to act further. Make your ads attractive with photos, graphics, and colors. Use easy-to-read fonts that are large enough to read.

Do You Have A Problem?

Getting the attention of consumers is the hard part. Once you’ve grabbed hold of their focus, the rest is simply convincing them they need your product or service through problem awareness. At this stage of consumer decision, they must recognize that your product or service fulfills a desire or solves a problem for them in your marketing message. Does your JV effort potentially increase the consumer’s status? Can it help make life easier? Demonstrate the problem in your message.

More Info, Please

If your marketing message has grabbed their attention and highlighted a potential problem solver, consumers will want to know more through an information search.  Their search could be external, or your marketing message could contain additional benefits of your JV product. Always emphasize the benefits to your potential consumer.

What are the Alternatives?

Before making a final decision, a consumer may want to know what else is available. Is there a cheaper product? Can someone else offer better services for less? You could even point out in your marketing message the differences of other similar products or services and why yours is the best choice.

I’ll Take It!

The final process of consumer psychology is the decision to make a purchase. If your marketing message has fulfilled all five previous processes for the consumer, give them a call to action. Let them know what they need to do to buy your product or service. Do they need to come to your store? Can they buy online? Is there a limited time only? Always give consumers the final information on how to purchase through your marketing message.

If your JV partnership is to be successful, you need to send a convincing message to consumers about the benefits of the JV effort. Solve the problem for them. Convince them that yours is the best choice.  And always make it easy to know how to buy.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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