6 Inches From Success

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If I told you that you were 6 inches from success, would you believe me?

Probably not, sounds like a lofty concept, but it’s true and here’s why.

Your 6 inch success mechanism

Your brain, that 6 inch mass of matter between your ears is what determines how successful you are. Specifically, it’s the front part of your brain, just behind your eyes. When you come up with an idea, implement or take action on that idea you’re engaging the Frontal Lobe area of your brain.  The Frontal Lobe is one of the four major divisions of your brain, but that’s not really important here. What’s important is this this part of your brain regulates decision making, problem solving, control of your purposeful behaviors, consciousness and emotions. This is where all our experiences start, positive and negative.

If you think you’re right or you think you’re wrong, you’re exactly right…

You’re probably asking, “Why is this relevant to my success?” Good question! Let me start out by saying that most of us don’t even know what success means. I mean we say, “I want to be happy”, or “I want to be successful”, but we don’t take the next step to define what happiness is or what success really means to you. Why do we do this? Once reason is because it’s not logical, it’s an abstract process. It appears to be difficult. Anything that’s abstract can have an unlimited number of options. If we fuel our thoughts with so many ideas and never decide on a path to take, a direction to go in or define a starting point, we get overwhelmed and wind up not making any decisions at all.

Guilty of not deciding

I’m guilty of this myself. I can honestly say that there are things that’s I’ve wanted to do, be, have and experience that have taken me 20+ years to accomplish. Did it take me 20 years of trying to make them happen? No! They actually took me less than a week to accomplish, but that’s because I never made the decision to do those things. I’ve lost valuable relationships, 100’s of thousands of dollars, and most importantly I’ve wasted time. Something none of us can get back.  Once I decided, the outcome was quick and surprisingly easily to bring my intentions to fruition. What’s been in the back of your mind for weeks, months and years that you’ve not decided to take action on?

Get clear on what you want or you may never obtain it

You need to get quite with a pen and paper and define what does success really mean to you. Is it a finite amount of money in the bank, a business that earns us monthly, residual income, a certain type of car in the garage, a contribution to worthy cause, a smile from a loved one, the love and respect of your partner, the birth of your first child? These are definable, finite, explainable and tangible success goals. Once you define and write down what you actually want our Frontal Lobe goes to work to create what we’ve decided on. The crazy thing about this process is that it works automatically in our brains without us having to do much of the heavy lifting through conscience thought. The challenge is that we over-think, over-analyze, create doubt and simply don’t really believe we can obtain the objects, situations and conditions we want to create. Trust in this process. Think, decide, execute. The simple truth of positive and negative reinforcement will guide you towards your success goal. Don’t worry about making it perfect; just take the action needed to make progress.

Decision is your first step to a successful outcome

It’s relevant because all aspects of success start with a decision. This is part of your inner control mechanism. Sounds simple, but this is where most of us get blocked by fear, stop, never start or simply cast off our ideas as not import or they won’t fly. You’ll make excuses and come up with multiple reasons why your idea or concept won’t work.  These negative supporting thoughts are not based on reality or you actually deciding and doing something about it, but are merely based on 2 things, your past successes or your past failures.

Feed your brain with a positive outcome

When you think about something you’re feeding your brain. Feed it good thoughts and outcomes and your behavior will follow. Feed it negative, self-doubting thoughts and your reality will reflect those thoughts. Your brain uses points of reference as a starting point to execute your decisions. It’s almost like your brain is one big mind map. It starts with a core experience and builds out from there. This is why it’s so easy to fail or succeed based on your history and how you’ve handled your past experiences. Even if you’ve failed more than you’ve succeeded, you can flip that experience around in an instant by feeding your thoughts with successful outcomes as a way for your brain to go to work on what you want.

Define, decide, execute, repeat

So remember this. If you only remember once concept, one take away from this article, it’s to Define, Decide, Execute, Repeat. Define what you want. Get really clear on this and write it down. Decide that you’re going to do to make it happen. Take the steps needed by executing or taking action on your decision. You’ll be amazed at how a simple start can empower you to take the next step. This will happen through positive and negative feedback from your brain that will tell you what actions to take next. Repeat your actions until you get to your success level. It really is that easy so don’t waste any more time. Get working on what you want to create the life that’s in your mind’s eye.

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