Attract New Business With An Amazing One Page Flier

A single one page flier that is short and sweet with exceptional imagery can help attract new business through a joint venture marketing partner. Gone are the days of needing to have a detailed tri-fold brochure or complex marketing packet / folder in order to deliver the information customers require to make a buy decision. People are inundated with marketing from many different mediums and so often a business is required to capture a potential customer’s attention in seconds and one effective method that’s proven to attract new business is a well thought out sales brochure that is a single page that is heavy with images versus blocks of text. If a business can capture a person’s interest with a simple brochure then a website can be used to provide more in depth detail and answer additional questions that may exist. If a large portion of a joint venture marketing activities occur in person through sales reps or customer service representatives than it is essential to arm them with the capability to deliver the sales pitch in a single sheet of paper. The following are items to be concerned with when developing a sexy brochure.


Deciding what images to use and the number of images on a flier are essential to creating a great marketing brochure. A good flier should have around 3 images at the most. A company logo is essential. When working with a joint venture partner there logo should also be present if they will be handing out the flier to their existing customer base. This helps reinforce their support of the partner company and validates the partnership. If a company is interested in being a joint venture partner, but hesitant about co-branding marketing collateral this is a red flag concerning the company’s commitment to the partnership and should be cause for concern about moving forward with the relationship. This should be discussed in the early developments of setting up the relationship. The next important image on a flier should be something eye catching and resonate with the customer base. For example, if marketing a moving company the image should reflect a happy family with smiling faces as that is the experience that needs to be sold to the customer base since everyone knows moving can be stressful. Lastly some fliers can benefit from an infographic. An infographic is an image that utilizes an image or several small graphics and very limited words to deliver a lot of information. This can be used to showcase features of a product.


The biggest failure most small businesses make when developing a marketing flier is using way too much text. Utilize bullet points with three to four word blurbs that get right to the point. Identify a problem, address the solution as the product or service being sold and direct customers to how they can gain additional information whether it’s a website or a direct phone number. It’s important to not get in the habit of writing blocks of text. Even a couple of full sentences can be too much text on a marketing flier. The best fliers say very little, but deliver the message that a product or service is the best solution and can deliver results. When seeking to attract new business from a joint venture partner that will be capable of handing out a marketing flier there will more than likely be a conversation with the potential customer from a sales representative or someone with additional information about the product or service. The one page flier helps reinforce the opportunity when the potential customer has gone back to their office. Sometimes a flier will be tucked away for weeks, but when needed, can be found or is just stumbled upon later and helps trigger the conversation with the sales rep and encourage a phone call or additional online research.

It’s important to use a flier for the purpose it is designed for, to help reinforce important ideas about a product or service and help direct new business to more information about how to contact the company to buy the product or service. It does not need to answer every question nor does it need to provide in depth company information. Make a short and sweet one page flier with great images and your joint venture marketing partners will have an easier job in attracting new business.

christian fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A joint venture marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

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joint venture marketing

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