Collaborative Advantage How Organizations Win by Working Together

Collaborative Advantage How Organizations Win by Working Together

Collaboration across organizational boundaries is often critical but difficult to achieve. This book explores the structures, processes, roles, skills, tools and techniques that enable people in different places to achieve a successful joint outcome and build advantage through collaboration. Written by an experienced practitioner who has facilitated many collaborative efforts, it includes practical case studies to illustrate key points.

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5 Stars Practical, in-depth advice for leaders and practitioners
Elizabeth Lank has achieved the difficult task of creating a book which is thorough and in-depth, yet practical, pragmatic and highly readable.

Too many books on subjects relating to collaboration fall into the trap of being overloaded with theory, or becoming aggregates of case studies which lack an analytical framework or big-picture view. This is *not* one of those books!

Elizabeth writes from her personal experience as a former CKO, and draws on her research into a diverse set of organisations which are collaborating at their boundaries. Collaborative Advantage is packed with hints, tips, checklists, debunked myths, questions, advice, guidance and examples, blockers and enablers. This is a true knowledge asset for anyone looking to turn collaborative advantage into competitive advantage.

The analysis is robust and immediately applicable; the stories and examples are memorable and the quality of the production of the book is excellent (you’ll need it in hardback, because you’ll keep picking it up!). Recommended reading for practitioners, professionals, postgraduates and business leaders.

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