Mastering Niche Marketing A Definitive Guide to Profiting From Ideas in a Competitive Market

Mastering Niche Marketing A Definitive Guide to Profiting From Ideas in a Competitive Market

The business world is a competitive market and big businesses make extremely large amounts of money. So how can you as an entrepreneur and small business person compete with this . . . ?

. . . with Niche Marketing of course!

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you have the ability to find a perfect niche market that the large businesses have overlooked, don’t have time for or wouldn’t be profitable enough for them. And whether it’s a service or product, you can capitalize on areas where people are eager to buy and willing to spend whatever money is necessary to get what they want.

“Mastering Niche Marketing” is the most complete single-volume guide to developing a unique business. It includes step-by-step, easy to follow strategies and techniques that will assist in identifying an idea in demand, creating a product, and how to promote it – making money in the process! Here is a small sample of what you ll discover within the pages of this book:

Discover 2 mistakes that inexperienced individuals fail to do when attempting to choose a potentially profitable niche market. Warning: You’re doomed to fail if you do not fully grasp the explanation.

Having difficulties coming up with a niche idea? Drastically improve your brainstorming sessions with these 9 thought-provoking questions!

Determining the profitability of your niche market is crucial to the success of your business, so before you accept any financial risk with your business – learn 15 of the most common fees that new business owners tend to forget about.

Difficulties finding a profitable market? Here are 9 tested and effective business models that’ll prevent you from having to re-invent the wheel so you can start generating a passive income stream!

Discover 11 proven money-making methods that ll result in your customers gladly ‘handing over’ their money using the ‘oldest trick’ in the book. Integrate it properly within your sales process and this will be how you make the bulk of your profits.

9 highly proven techniques you can use to persuade your visitors to click through to your site, thus improving your traffic and increasing your potential for sales.

Understand this aspect about your customers and it ll result in their loyalty to you for a lifetime as they will continually purchase from you again and again.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Niche Marketing… an absolute must for success
“There is no way in the world any newbie can succeed online without choosing the right niche market and focusing on it.

This is an excellent book to help any newbies research and zero in on the perfect niche.

Side note: I love the screenshots throughout the book.”

Mike Mograbi

Internet Marketing News Watch


5 Stars A Master Resource for Niche Marketers
Every so often, a resource comes along for the internet marketer that is absolutely essential. Eric V. Van DerHope’s “Mastering Niche Marketing” is such a resource.

Whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned internet marketer, this is a book you can’t afford to be without. With incisive analysis he cuts through all the clutter and provides clear rational steps, from the very beginning to uber advanced techniques, for mining gold from niches.

Everything from finding your perfect niche, to monetizing it in precise incremental steps, complete with diagrams, this is an outstanding achievement. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

William T. Stillwell, MD


Orthopaedic Surgeon, President of

Dr. Bill’s Clinic (


5 Stars . if I got hold of “Mastering Niche Marketing” 13 months ago, I would have EASILY saved a couple of thousand dollars…
“Eric, why didn’t you release this manual 13 months ago?

Probably that’s a regret I will have all my life!

You see, over the last 13 months, I have completely concentrated my energies building niche websites.

Although It has been a delightful experience, I made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of money and time doing the wrong things.

Only if I got hold of “Mastering Niche Marketing” 13 months ago, I would have EASILY saved a couple of thousand dollars and around 6-7 months of my time (that I think is more important than the money I wasted).

And not just that, I would have got double the results, by putting in half the effort.

When I started reviewing this manual I was really flabbergasted with the amount wisdom it contained.

This course (yeah, it is nothing short of a complete course!) contains 0% Hype, 0% Filler Content, 0% B.S, 0% “I’ve read this all before”, but 100% pure solid meaty content. I am hooked!

It is all about working smarter . . . by taking the right step in the right direction. This book will be your friend, philosopher and guide through your Niche marketing journey.”

Abhishek Agarwal


5 Stars jam packed with online marketing information

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your ebook. It is well thought out and jam packed with fantastic information on all the areas of online marketing. Very impressive!

Picking the niche that’s right for you is a very important part of building your business. The information you provide is a must for online entrepreneurs.

Colette Marshall

Marketing Director

5 Stars It’s the BIBLE for Online Marketers!
It’s the BIBLE for Online Marketers!

This is available in both eBook and Hard Copy versions – I read the (6-Phase / 12-Chapter / 245-page) eBook.

ECONOMIC CRISIS – with our (global) economy in grave condition as I write this – and with JOB losses soaring – more and more people are searching for alternative ways to generate more reliable income sources. Add to this, the power of the INTERNET, and a potential solution emerges.

HOME BUSINESS – As a Financial Advisor, Business Consultant and Home Biz Coach – I see employees, professionals and small business owners everywhere liking the idea of running an Online business from home – IF they can get the ‘right’ education plus the necessary marketing skills.

And thus, the world of Internet Marketing tied to running a profitable Online Home Biz — enter this new book – – –

MASTERING NICHE MARKETING – this gives enormous value to the reader – both beginner and experienced. It’s release is also perfect timing, given the economy. This book truly under-promises and over-delivers. It takes you step-by-step through the whole process of developing a marketing niche. It’s the most detailed, comprehensive and exceptional guide to creating and marketing a product Online that I’ve ever seen or read – bar none. The author removes all the guesswork.

In my opinion, this book gives the reader (the potential Online business entrepreneur) a wonderful “foundation” for pursuing a successful Online business from home. There are far too many “failures” in this industry – because of not being able to ‘find’ the right niche – or because of the lack of (or poor) training — this book can change all that as I see it.

ERIC VAN DER HOPE – its author, has high credentials behind him. Perhaps more importantly, he gives a list of his mentors at the beginning, including Ted Nichols, Anthony Robbins, Joe Sugarman, Mark Joyner, (the late) Corey Rudi, Shawn Casey, Frank Kern, Mike Litman + many, many other top marketers – a formidable mastermind group.

Some observations…

NICHE MARKET – Eric defines this as “a small but potentially profitable market segment for which it is possible to design and provide a form of custom-made product or specialized service.” It involves ‘targeting a group’ using information about their specific preferences, which might be a group interested in – exotic vacations – real estate – tennis – gardening, etc.

NO BULL – he ‘tells it like it is’ in terms of becoming successful with running any Online business — that there IS a huge market out there where good profits CAN be made — but, that you’ll need MONEY to do it — that you’ll need to take ACTION — that there’s intense COMPETITION — that you’ll need to intelligently ‘identify’ your market, etc. This approach impressed me.

SPECIFICS – he goes into extraordinary detail with – “Finding the Niche” — Creating the Product” — “Developing the Offer” — “9 Effective Business Models” — “Top 10 Niche Sourcing Methods” — Case Studies — Explicit Pictures, Screenshots, Graphs, Diagrams, Charts, etc. Amazing.

VIRTUAL STOREFRONT – you’ll learn of the requirements for your Online biz (choosing Domain names, FTP accounts, Autoresponders, Merchant accounts, Hosting, Video, Audio, etc + Upselling [back-end products], Advertising, Keywords, Social Media Marketing, Testing, Traffic generation – on and on. These are only tip of the iceberg. 🙂

BLOGGING – this is the ‘only’ part (Section 2.9) where I have a tiny disagreement with the author 🙂 Since developing a BLOG (for profit) can be of tremendous value in these times (as a business by itself) – and whereas he suggests using FREE Blogging platforms (like and/or – I (personally) strongly recommend using a platform where “you” have the full control. The Free versions give you only limited scope, and they can even be “shut down” on you. The ones where ‘you’ provide the hosting are far superior in my opinion. I’m referring to WordPress.ORG (not the “.com” Free version). WordPress.ORG – although a little more complex – when it’s tied to a good hosting service (like, or those listed on Eric’s page 91) – is considered the top Blog platform by most experts I believe.

ACTION STEPS – what I really liked was the way Eric ended each Phase with a set of specific Action Steps – designed to get you “in production” ASAP.

RESOURCES – he provides SO many links to great tools / systems / websites. This only expands an already rich book on the HOW TO of Internet Marketing. It removes the confusion, the overwhelm and the technical obstacles that hinder so many people that are eager to move forward in this challenging but worthwhile and potentially lucrative industry.

All in all, a magnificant contribution to the world of Internet Marketing.

My thanks to the author for this timely masterpiece – it’s a classic.

Without question, I give this a full “5-STAR” rating.


Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder

Business Achievers Academy / Canada

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